Spare parts for agricultural machinery

DCM Italia to satisfy all the customers can supply in a little time a lot of spare parts for the tractors and agricultural machinery of all brands.


In addition to having always available spare parts for the equipment DCM, thanks to the cooperation as a supplier with many manufacturers of agricultural machines for over 30 years, DCM is able to provide most of the parts related to equipment, among others, of:


- SLAM srl Agricultural equipment (Hay tedders GT, rotary rakes GR, disc mowers BR, sickle bar mowers FD, etc):

- Fontanesi Franco Agricultural machinery (Hay tedders FONTANESI 2, 4 and 6 rotors, rotary rakes, mowers, etc.)

- Tonutti Wolagri SpA


The parts warehouse DCM has also a wide range of hydraulic fittings to allow the production of hydraulic hoses to sample or drawing, parts of hydraulic cylinders, bearings, spare parts for PTO shafts, PTO shafts complete, parts for cutting bars GS Superior and Gaspardo (blades, bushes, etc.), spare parts for rotary mowers, hay tedders, balers, round balers and much more.