Mini round baler HRB 57 MINI

The mini round balers HRB 57 MINI and HRB 57 MINI PLUS are good to be applied to tractors of small dimensions for the production of small hay and straw bale with low weight.

Suitable for customers who require the use of a small professional machine. It produces round bales of about 20-30 kg of weight, ideal for small farms where the manual handling of the product is preferable.


Mini round baler DCM HRB 57 MINI PLUS small tractors

HRB round balers are available in different versions to meet every need.
The HRB 57 MINI model with fixed chamber with 19 alluminium rollers produces bales of 57 cm in diameter and 63 cm in width and has a pick-up that allows the collection of lines to 80 cm in the standard version, 120 cm in the version with swath wheels. The fixe roller chamber makes possible to form soft heart bales, with less pressure inside, ensuring greater transpiration, reducing the risk of mold, and pressing more outside to obtain a layer that guarantees waterproofing.

The HRB 57 MINI PLUS model is equipped with a rotary infolder which facilitates the entry of the hay into the pressing chamber.

The remover, which is fitted as standard on all HRB 57 MINI balers, ensures a quick removal of the bale.

The net binder is standard and allows optimal bale preparation; alternatively the twine binder is available.

For the use is required a double-acting hydraulic link which allows the movement of the controls (opening of the chamber and movement of the pick-up). Alternatively, it is possible to opt for the version with the independent hydraulic pump; the baler will be equipped with a tank and pump and it will not be necessary to have hydraulic connections to the tractor.

The control panel allows all operations to be carried out directly from the tractor driver's seat. The pressure gauge indicates the operating pressure of the round baler and can be adjusted as required. The buzzer warns indicates when the desired pressure is reached and the product is ready for tying.
All HRB 57 mini round balers are supplied with an electric road system kit.

The standard version is equipped with the rudder; on request it is available in the flow version with a third point.

Mini round baler HRB for small tractors

All DCM Italia range is completely Made in Italy.

STANDARD SUPPLY: PTO shaft, stroke counter, light kit.


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Mini round baler

Dimension of the bale (cm)
57 x 63
57 x 63
Transport width(cm)
Pick-up width(cm)
Rotary feeder
Weight (Kg)
PTO rpm/min
Requested power CV/kW